*** 2020 competitions postponed to 2021***
Due to Covid 19 we postponed this year’s clog competitions to 18th-19th September 2021.
Instead….. join us for our…
Virtual Clog Day – Saturday 19th September 2020
11am – Introduction & Welcome (Zoom & Livestream to Facebook)
including Clog Display by Robynne Wood, dancing her 2019 Championship Hornpipe
11.30am-1.00pm – Improvers/ Intermediate  Workshop (Zoom)
Carol Nutter and Rachel O’Neill will teach the Ossy Cloggers Soldiers Routine, a seven step dance, ideal for a team, choreographed over 30 years ago by Teresa Hindle, founder member of the Ossy Cloggers. The routine aims to mimic the sound of a drum tattoo and is performed acapello, with round shuffles and crisp stepping. Although the steps in themselves are not complex, the interest is captured by the rhythms, pauses, light and shade within the steps and the togetherness of the squad.
1.15pm Display showcase (Zoom & Livestream to Facebook)
1.30pm Mass Sam Sherry’s Waltz to close (Zoom & Livestream to Facebook)
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